Karulai range

Total extent of Karulai Range is 26560.76 ha which is notified under 2 reserve notifications viz. New Amarambalam Reserve and Karimpuzha Reserve.  Karulai Range comprises of Reserve Forests only.  There are 2 Forest Stations viz. Padukka and Nedumgayam under this Range.


Northeast: - From the meeting point of Korampucha and Punnaapuzha towards east along the northern boundary of New Amarambalam reserve up to Wapshere peak.  Then along the Inter-State boundary towards the end of New Amarambalam Reserve Forest ends at south.

South :-  Along the southern boundary of New Amarambalam Reserve Forest and Karimpuzha left bank.

West: - Along the western boundary of Karimpuzha and new Amarambalam Reserve Forest upto the meeting point of Korampuzha and Punnapuzha.


Total Extent (ha) Reserve Forest Extent (ha) Vested Forest Extent (ha) EFL Extent (ha)
26560.76 26560.76 - -


Staff Strength 
Sl.No. Name of Post Sanctioned strength
1 Range Forest Officer 1
2 Deputy Range Forest Officer 2
3 Section Forest officer 5
4 Beat Forest Officer 22
5 LD / UD Clerk 2
6 Driver 2
7 Office Attendant 1
8 Mahout 2
9 Cavady 3
10 Part Time Sweeper 1

Plantations Details