Nilambur South Division

nilambur South Division


The present Nilambur South Division was formed by reorganizing Reserved Forest & Vested Forests of Malappuram Revenue District vide G.O. (Rt.) No. 59/88/F & WLD dated 27th June 1988. As per the order, Karulai Range with Nedumgayam and Padukka Forest Stations & Kalikavu Range with Karuvarakundu and Chakkikuzhi Forest Station have been carved out of former Nilambur Special Forest Division & Nilambur Territorial Division. The Division Head Quarters at Nilambur. The total area of the Division was 36515.27 Ha. An area of 4039.29 Ha was handed over to the Buffer Zone of Silent Valley National Park. (G.O.M.S 36/07/ F&WLD dated 11.06.2007.) and an area of 51.84 Ha was notified as Vested Forest at Amminikkad Malavaram (Kodikuthy Mala) of Perinthalmanna Taluk. The Present area under this Division is 32527 .82 Ha. The EFL area under this Division is 298.926 Ha. The tract dealt with is situated in Eranad and Nilambur Taluk of Malappuram District. The area of division lies between 11°-26” and 11°-9” South latitude and 75°-45” and 76°-33” longitude east Greenwich . Karulai Range comprises of Reserve forests only. Whereas Kalikavu Range is predominantly private forests vested in Government.

Organization  Hierarchy

Organization Hierarchy

nilambur south





North: Along the Southern and Eastern boundaries of North Forest Division from Arabian Sea to Wapshare Peak. From Malappuram through Malappuram-Kottakkal Road up to Kottakkal. From Kottakkal to Edarikkode-Tirur road. From there up to Bharathapuzha through Thrissur- Chamravattam Road. Then through the right bank of Bharathapuzha up to Arabian Sea

East: From Wapshare peak towards east along Kerala- Tamilnadu boarder up to the meeting point of Malappuram - Palakkad District boundaries with State boarder. Then along the Malappuram, Palakkad district boarder up to Thoothapuzha

South: Then along Malappuram- Palakkad district boarder and Malappuram - Thrissur District boarder up to Arabian Sea.

West: Along Malappuram District boarder towards north up to North bank of Barathapuzha. The forest of this Division fall in Edapatta, Karuvarakundu, Kerala Estate, Kalikavu, Chokkad, Amarambalam, Karulai, Moothedam and Edakkara villages of Earanad and Nilambur Taluks.