Working Plans


 Kottayam, Munnar & Marayoor Divisions


Working Plan Kottayam

Summary of Facts on which Proposals are Based

Chapter I The Tract dealt with

Chapter II A

Forest Flora

Chapter II B

Forest Fauna

Chapter III

Utilization of the Produce

Chapter IV

Activities of Forest Development Corporations n Harvesting and Marketing of Forest Produce

Chapter V

Five year Plans

Chapter VI

Staff and Labour Supply

Chapter VII

Past Systems of Management

Chapter VIII

Statistics of Growth and Yield

Part II

Future management Discussed and prescribed

Chapter I

Basis of Proposals

Chapter II

Plantation Working Circle

Chapter III

Protection and Eco-restoration working circle

Chapter IV

Participatory Forest Management Working Circle

Chapter V

NTFP WorkingCircle

Chapter VI

Miscellaneous perscriptions



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