Ongoing Activities

1. Production & distribution of quality nursery stock for planting by Educational Institutions, NGOs. Religious institutions, Public Institutions and in homesteads.
2. Protection of Bio-diversity outside the reserve forest (sacred groves, Mangroves etc.)
3. Development & maintenance of Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre (AbhayaranyamKaprikad)
4. Integrated management of Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary (MBS) Cochin
5. Eco-tourism activities covering Abhayaranyam Wildlife Rescue Centre (Kaprikad), Suvarnodyanam Bio-diversity park (Nedumbassery.) and MBS Cochin
6. Regulation of tree felling on Public and Private holdings out side the Reserve forest limits by issuing cutting permits
7. Regulation of operation of timber mills by issuing transport passes and facilitating the process of issue of licenses to saw mills.
8. Extension activities to educate public on importance of conservation of bio-diversity rich Kerala forests.

9. The Concept of  Nakshathravanam