Shendurney Wildlife sanctuary

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary owes its name to a tree, locally called “Chenkurinji”(Gluta travancorica) an endemic tree which is confined to this tract. The Sanctuary falls between 8044’ and 9014’N latitude and 76059’ and 77016’E longitude and is located in the Kerala state, Kollam district, Pathanapuram taluk. Shendurney was declared as a wildlife sanctuary as per notification no. G.O(P)258/84/AD dated 25-8-1984. The area was previously under the administrative control of Thiruvananthapuram Wildlife Division. Later, it was shifted to the administrative control of Thenmala Forest Division. However, for the better management of the sanctuary, a separate wildlife division namely Shendurney Wildlife Division was established as per notification no. G.O(Rt) 117/86/F&WLD dated 19-3-1996. The area of the sanctuary is
Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary lies south of Aryankavu valley and stretches to a length of about 25km east-west. The Sanctuary Headquarters is at Thenmala, 21kms from Punalur which is the nearest township. The sanctuary is located 75kms away from Thiruvananthapuram and 66kms from Kollam. KSRTC operates bus services to Thenmala at regular intervals from Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam. The nearest Airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, 75kms away and nearest Railway Station is Punalur which is 21kms away from the sanctuary.
    Flora and Vegetation- The floral diversity is very high with a relatively high percentage of endemism. The sanctuary is home to several rare, endemic and threatened plants such as Dipterocarpus indicus, Calophyllum polyanthum, Mesua ferrea, Mangifera indica, Artocarpus heterophyllus, Vateria indica, Hopea parviflora, Palaquium ellipticum, Cullenia exarillata, Terminalia bellerica, Gluta travancorica ,Garcinia spicata, Elaeocarpus serratum, Cinnamomum verum, Gordonia obtusa, Baccaurea courtallensis, Canarium strictum, Hydnocarpus alpinia , Goniothalamus rhynchantherus, Miliusa wightiana, Meiogyne ramarowii, Orophea uniflora, Erythroxylum lanceolatum, Acronychia pedunculata, Aglaia simplicifolia, etc. The shrubby plants are mostly Dichapetalum gelonioides, Strobilanthus ssp., Lasianthus ssp., Glycosmis macrocarpa, Alpinia malaccensis, Leptonychia caudate, Clausena austroindica, Phaeanthus malabarica, Popowia beddomea, Tabernaemontana gamblei etc, Vegetation of the area could be classified into

  •     West Coast Tropical Evergreen Forest
  •     West Coast Tropical Semi Evergreen Forest
  •     Southern Hilltop Tropical Evergreen Forest
  •     Southern Subtropical Hill Forest
  •     Southern Secondary Moist Mixed Deciduous Forest
  •     Ochlandra Reed Brakes
  •     Myristica Swamp Forest
  •     Grasslands.

    Fauna-Wildlife is abundant in the Sanctuary. These wildlife enrich the beauty and bring in diversity in life Some recent survey reports reveal that the Sanctuary has immense faunal and floral wealth. This helps to maintain the environmental balance of nature with high potential in recreation and aesthetic values.  

  •     Mammals: A total of 35 species of mammals including large and smaller ones are identified in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. Among this Nilgiri langur, Lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri Marten and Brown palm civet are endemic to Western Ghats.
  •     Reptiles:  36 species of reptiles were recorded from Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. Of these, Calotes elliotti, Ristella beddomii and Brachiophidium rhodogaster are endemic to Western Ghats
  •     Amphibians:  A frog survey was conducted in the Sanctuary from 2008 to 2011. A total of 45 species of frogs under 15 genera belonging to 8 families were recorded during the survey.  Out of the 45 species, 38 are strictly endemic to Western Ghats.
  •     Fishes:   42 species of fishes were identified in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. Batasio travancoria, Parambassis thomassi are the species endemic to Kerala. Batasio travancoria  and Tor kudree are the endangered species seen in Shendurney and associated streams.
  •     Birds: Shendurney has also been designated as an important bird area owing to the presence of three globally threatened species, the Lesser Kestrel, Wood Snipe, Nilgiri wood pigeon and also because of the presence of 10 of 16 bird species endemic to the Western Ghats.  A total of 266 species of birds have been recorded here. From 1996 onwards yearly birds surveys has been carried out in the Sanctuary till 2012.  Records of nesting colonies of River tern and Small Indian Pratincole have been made from this Area.  Recent bird surveys reported nesting of the Lesser Fish Eagle in the sanctuary, till recently this bird was supposed to be confined to the Himalayan foot hills.  The Sanctuary is also an important wintering site for long distance migrants such as Tickell’s leaf warbler, Large billed leaf warbler, ?Blue headed Rock thrush and Rufous tailed flycatcher.  
  •     Butterflies:  The butterfly diversity of the Sanctuary is found impressive. An impressive 257 species of butterflies out of the 334 known species from Western Ghats were ecorded including 23 endemic species. The notable records are Travancore Evening Brown Parantirrhoea marshallii, Golden Tree flitter Quedarabasiflava and Spotted Angle Caprona agama , Black prince Rohana parisatis and the rare Arnetta mercara Coorg Forest hopper. Thus TNHS had already made a checklist of 257 species of butterflies in the sanctuary by a decade long observation at different seasons. There are 334 species of butterflies recorded in the whole of Western Ghats and with this survey the total number of species observed at Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary will go up to 263 species including 25 Western Ghats endemics, making the sanctuary one of the richest butterfly-diverse areas in the whole of Western Ghats. It is planned that by a series of follow up surveys in different seasons, more species will be added to this checklist.

Sl.No Post Strength Present incumbent
1 Asst.Wildlife Warden 1 T. Ratheesh
2 Section Forest Officer 5
3 Beat Forest Officer 8
4 Reserve Watcher 3
5 Senior Clerk 1
6 Driver 1


7 Office Attendant 1


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